I wasn’t always a writer. I was somewhat of an over thinker. The majority of my thought’s were on resolving the issues within my life such as; health ailments, stress, childhood issues, love and more. My twenties have been life changing for me and at the young age of 25, I finally figured it all out. I love to inspire people.

By resolving the complications in my own life, I was driven to scream my findings out to the rooftops!

“Everyone needs to know what I know. I am not the only one in this whole world with these issues. How can I talk to everybody at one time?” This was my new “thought”.

Technology has allowed me to virtually create a space to chat with you’all on what that I know, what I’m currently learning and gives me the opportunity to have what I’ve kept hidden deep within myself for so long; a voice.

Millennial Hues is dedicated to those colorful, creative, brainstorming, try it again, get it done, inspirational folks just like me!

With this space, I hope to brighten the colors within your life and together create a permanent light in each and every one of us in this world full of darkness.