I’ve relocated!

Hey followers!! I miss you guys. I’ve been working really hard at creating a more professional looking blog to write to you all on and it’s finally finished! I’ve moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, and I would love it if you would follow me there.

You wont be able to click a follow butter, but there is a subscribe feature! They both work just the same, except you wont see my posts in your reader section anymore, WordPress.Org’s algorithm is just too different. It’s more of an independent site I suppose. I will try to see if there is a way that I can create two sites in the interim of time! I hope you all understand.

Because of your comments and likes, I have been even more eager to appeal to you all visually, and I feel that my new site is easier on the eyes, focused more on specific categories and more!

I also have a section where you can submit a piece of your work, and I will feature it on my site! The new page is called Millennial Hues, and I would love to meet you there!

Click this link to subscribe to my blog and check out my new site, posts and pages!! I look forward to seeing you guys comments and posts as well!!

IMG_5638 - Edited.jpg

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