Review: ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ on Netflix Is What We Millennial’s Needed From Spike Lee

We all grew up watching Spike Lee’s classic flicks “Malcolm X”, “Do The Right Thing”, and my fav “Crooklyn”.  Even though most of us probably weren’t alive when these movies first hit for us to view, after watching them, we’ve noticed Spike Lee’s directing style.


The typical protagonist in Spike Lee’s films is usually a young African American who is struggling with various issues related to race. There are also different struggles within all of this of course.

The films are usually set in cities and urban areas, such as the city of New York. You get the music, the close ups, the loud demanding emphasis on closing statements from the main character and etc. Classic Spike Lee shit.

When watching She’s Gotta Have It this past Thanksgiving, I feel even more in love with Spike Lee’s directing style and MYSELF.

We don’t usually get those films where you have an individual going through the similar things such as yourself. WE ALL CAN RELATE TO NOLA DARLING.

Nola is an educated, free spirited, experimental, sexually liberated artist like all of us Millennials, trying to figure it tf out. She’s adult enough to handle her shit, but not enough to figure out how to keep it from happening.

DeWanda Wise (Nola Darling) Looking Fine

She’s surrounded with friends who also have their own personal struggles suck as Shemeeka (played by actress Chyna Layne) the silicon injecting best-friend who’s so self conscious about her image, that she decides to alter her body to increase her finances. You also have Clorinda (Played by actress Margot Bingham) the friend who seemingly has her life together, getting Nola out of tight ends, slightly judging Nola’s lifestyle choice.



The one thing that I related to the most with Nola is the hustle. She constantly worked on her art, but focused so much on making others apart of her journey that she lost herself.

She sought out new ways to find herself and it ended up being through artistic expression, sex, painting, self cleansing & etc. She shared chemistry with those who had parts of themselves that she craved; finances, maturity, humor, class. The time she spent with these individuals gave her the high she was craving, but at the end of the day, she was still confused. Even after many laughs, orgasms and successful art piece completions, life still managed to sneak its way into the mixture, reminding her to


Spike Lee wrote a film for me with this one. I haven’t sought out missing pieces of myself through sexual encounters, but I have through friend groups, new hobby’s, news articles, hair do’s, moving and etc. At the end of the day, still confused, still broke, still lonely, still empty, but still on my grind. Still figuring it out.

Nola had a humbling moment when she found herself at her parents dinner table, humbly asking for financial help. Haven’t we all been there? Grown af, having to bite our lip with our face down and ask our parents for money. Needing to come back home, eat, a car, SOMETHING? Shoot, I know I have.


She ended up realizing that within her journey to find herself, she picked up a few people along the ride and made them apart of her story. They did help her in a way, but she ultimately found that she discovered parts of herself that she was missing within each individual. She decides to put herself first, be happy, and make her next step forward, be towards individual health..for her mind, body and spirit.




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