My New Year’s Resolution: None

I’ve always been the one to constantly reflect on my life. I’m always looking for areas where I can revamp something about myself, work harder at, change. You can blame the Capricorn in me for that. During one of my latest self reflections, I decided to try something new. 2018 is one 1 month away, and I’ve decided to ditch having resolutions to work on in January. I’m starting right now! I’ve been hitting the gym everyday (actually I never run) I’ve cut down to one cup of coffee a day, instead of 4. (I (WAS) a social coffee drinker) I’ve picked up a new hobby, kinda landed a cool managerial job, and most importantly…I’m happy! I’m doing what I want, what feels good to me, going hard with my classes and etc. This feeling, the moves that I’m making, the actions that have taken place are what I’m going into the new year with. A New Me. Starting now.

Start with me.


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