Hyperpigmentation & Black Skin: What You’re Doing Wrong

Your skins pigmentation conditions can be a problem for women (and men) with brown skin. (This includes people of Asian, African, Latin or Native American decent). While the skins natural pigmentation in brown skin provides many benefits such as protection from the sun and slowed signs of aging—it also makes us more highly susceptible to skin discolorations, which can cause distress in social situations, as well as psychological stress.


Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne vulgaris. People with darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially with excess sun exposure. Many forms of hyperpigmentation are caused by an excess production of melanin.

Have you ever popped a blemish, and went out into the sun afterwards? Well, think of going over a stain on your shirt with an iron right after. You actually set the blemish in, with the suns rays. This can result in a hyperpigmented spot on your face or body.

As a black woman, majority of my dark spots on my face came from popping a pimple, na-download26or a breakout from my having cold sores..yeah on my face. I also just get stupid normal acne during “that time of the month” by consuming too many sweets, carbs or juices.

When there is a break in the skin from a cut, burn or pimple, our skin cells produce more melanin for protection, which results in a dark spot or patch. Since the sun hits the face each time we step outside, these dark spots get darker and tend to linger for months, and can even last years. This is why we MUST WEAR SUN SCREEN. Yes black people, we need it too.

What you must remember when trying to treat hyperpigmentation, is that shop for products with healing active ingredients. Dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor, recommends these four ingredients

Then It Happened Again

If you’re anything like me, and prefer the natural route, here is a list of natural (and cheaper) ingredients you can use to help fade those blemishes away.

I use potato juice, works like a charm. 

  • Aloe Vera cream/oil, vitamin E oil shows quick results
  • Intake of lots of water to flush out the toxins for a healthy and glowing skin
  • Rub a slice of lime across the darkened patches
  • Multani mitti mixed with rose water lightens dark patches
  • Raw potato juice does the trick for many
  • Mix a few drops of lime juice with honey and leave it on the darkened patch for a few minutes
  • Lemon juice mixed with basil leaves and applied over dark circles and patches can reduce discolouration
  • Mix oatmeal, milk and brown sugar in equal parts and use to rub across skin
  • Massage cocoa butter on affected skin for a few weeks
  • A few drops of lemon juice with your regular simple face cream reduces the patches
  • Apply cucumber juice or wash your face with boiled some cumin seeds
  • Rose water is an all-purpose beauty essential that works wonders on all skin types
  • Use a paste of dry orange peels powder with water works or a mash up of guava and banana pieces
  • Soak almonds overnight, grind them and add milk to use it as a paste
  • Vinegar with water proves to be a quick fix
  • Avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee, chocolates, excess spices, acidic food
  • Applying raw papaya juice or the pulp of a ripe papaya is a sure formula to reduce pigmentation

What You Should Stay Away From

Do not buy chemical peels over the Internet. They can be too strong for home use, and do not use bleaching creams that contain cortisones (skin bleachers). The creams are inappropriately applied to the skin and in many instances are applied for a prolonged period of time. This leads to damaging side effects. The side effects include permanent thinning of the skin, permanent redness of the skin from overgrowth of blood vessels, the appearance of rashes on the skin and uncontrollable outbreaks of pimples.

I hope this helps someone.


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