The 5 Love Languages: How To Feel Appreciated In A Relationship

What is your love language?” My boyfriend asked me. I pondered on my answer before he interrupted my thought. “Do you even know what that means?” He asked me.

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He told me about a test that you could take, that would teach you how to effectively communicate your appreciation for and to your partner. I’m a gift giver. I love to purchase small things to show my significant other that I listen to his likes and dislikes, and to remind him that he is appreciated.

After taking this test, I found out that my love language is “Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts“. I show my love by giving my support and giving gifts. I feel appreciated when I receive the same from my lover.

My boyfriend’s love language is “Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch“. He loves to be told how much he is loved, and loves public display of affection. He can’t stop touching me, and as annoying as it gets sometimes (I hate when he touches my face) it’s how he shows that he loves me.

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Many couples argue and fight over not feeling appreciated. The key to a healthy relationship is mastering (together) the art of communication. We all feel appreciated when small gestures are made to show us that we are loved.

There’s a test that you can take here love language quiz that asks you a series of questions about how you would treat your mate. Once completed, you’ll receive your results and have a better understanding of how to show your love and how you like to be loved on. I hope this helps you better communicate your feelings with your significant other and light a spark in your relationship.


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