3 Super Gross Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Nasty makeup tools make bad things happen to great people. That Smashbox, Fenty Beauty & Mac makeup cant just lay on your tools all willy neilly. I hate to break it to you, but that pimple, those breakouts all over your face..yeah, that could’ve came from your gross makeup brushes.

Most women clean their makeup brushes once a month, so if you were feeling a little guilty back there its okay. I’m here to let you know that its time for a change. Your skin deserves better.

These 3 things can happen when you don’t clean your brushes


Transferring all of that old makeup residue all over your face can cause an overload of microbes that your skin isn’t used to dealing with normally. This can cause your skin to try and control the overloaded layer by reacting to it with a rash, or blistering, or skin eruptions. Sad..a91889b0-db42-0133-bd94-0a236b01d063.jpeg


(This one is gross)  If you thought #1 was nasty, then you’re not prepared to deal with attracting bugs to your dirty makeup utensils. Don’t believe this can happen? Check out Stevie Miller’s 2015 viral video showing her bug infested makeup sponge.


Ingredients (2)

Filthy makeup tools can lead to viral infections. If you reapply your own dirt and oils on top of clean skin from a dirty brush, you just splatter on bunches and bunches of tiny “foreign” germs. This causes reactions to your skin and they can crawl all the way to your eyes, mouth, ears..anywhere. Ever seen someone with the pink eye? Sometimes they come from dirty makeup application. Ummhumm…Call the Ophthalmologist!



Did I freak you out? Good. My point in this was to create awareness on how you can keep your body working properly and avoid common health ailments, such as a skin breakouts. Now go clean your brushes!!


Peace + Blessings


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