Maintaining Your Energy While Dealing With Negative People

If you love to take on people’s problems and get them to notice that they have an issue, this message IS NOT FOR YOU!


A negative person can be draining, stressful and utterly confusing. Especially when you’re in a happy space in your life. Have you ever found yourself trying to get an angry person to realize that they have a problem, only to result in you becoming angry as well?


When you’re angry all the time, it affects how you experience everything in your life. You might find that:

  • you’re constantly in a bad moodpreserve-your-space-1.png
  • you express your anger in a way that hurts yourself or someone else
  • everything seems too hard, boring or uninteresting
  • you want to throw, hit or destroy things all the time
  • small things that didn’t used to bother you now put you in a bad mood
  • you lash out at people.

Anger usually stems from personal issues in your life you haven’t dealt with yet. It could be a reaction from a specific event, while at other times it comes from bottled up emotions. Whatever the reason, feeling angry consistently or seeing someone else express anger should alert you that something isn’t right.

When you don’t deal with your emotions right away, they can become built up within and your primary state of mine will result in anger. Your negative feelings overcome any good or happiness around you or from anyone else.

For those of you who have a negative person in your life, whether it be a spouse, relative or friend, here are 3 of my tips on how to preserve your energy.

Let the person talk

If you see a debate occurring, stop. Stop right in your tracks and let the other person rant and rave and you stay quiet. The worse thing you can do is go back and forth with that person.


Personally, listening to someones angry words is exhausting on my spirit. If you find your mood taking a turn for the worst, get up and remove yourself from the environment.

Don’t force your advice on them. Know that they have personal things to work out, and keep your opinions on their mental health to yourself & don’t receive their energy.

Think of anger as a present. If your handed a box with a gift in it and don’t receive it, the person offering the present still remains with it. Not to sound harsh or anything, but the key to maintaining your peace when dealing with a negative person, is to be selfishly protective of your positive energy. This means, not becoming to involved in the root of their anger. Don’t be the therapist, the healer or the problem resolver. Let their issue be their’s and only their’s and you focus on YOU. 

You become a happier person when you realize that you cant heal everyone. Some people just like to be pissed off! They enjoy making others upset and sometimes aren’t happy if they’re the only ones angry in a room. Misery loves company. If you want to maintain your peace, surround yourself around easy going, understanding individuals who will encourage, support and appreciate the goodness of your spirit.

I hope this helps someone

Peace + Blessings


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