Colors, fizz, water and fragrance. Sounds like a beautiful bathing experience right? There’s no denying that bath bombs can take your bathing experience to different heights, but are bath bombs safe?


These trendy “bombs” contain colorings and scents that fizz and dissolve to create a somewhat psychedelic visual within your bathwater. Most bombs contain nourishing oils like coconut and olive oil, to help nourish your skin.

Relieving stress is currently on an all time high and now, people have taken their stress relieving rituals to the bathroom. We must be careful when trying new things on our bodies. One of the most precious gifts to the female body, in my opinion, is our vajay-jay

I steer far away from hormone-disrupting chemicals, especially around the “holy grail”. Bath bomb ingredients can activate vaginal infections with dyes that infiltrate your mucous membranes.

Fragrances Are Bad

The term “Fragrance” sounds so safe. The truth is these fake synthetic smells are some of the most toxic ingredients in bath products.


A National Academy of Sciences states that: About 95 percent of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum (crude oil). Oh that’s crude alright. Nasty

Stay far away from labeled ingredients like “fragrance,” “fragrance oils,” “fragrance oil blend” or ones like it. These labels terms are totally legal to use on products but are composed of about 3,000 toxic fragrance ingredients!!! These dangerous scents are linked to cancers, neurotoxicity and more!

Beware of “Acetaldehyde” too. This is a well known fragrance that can be found anywhere in products. It is carcinogenic to humans and will impact your kidneys, nervous system and respiratory system, negatively.

Yeast Infections

Chemical fragrances that fall under the “fragrance” term on the ingredients list can also disrupt the vagina’s natural pH balance, increasing the risk of infection.

But there’s still hope!


Katie from created a safe bath bomb recipe that you can use to still enjoy a relaxing bath experience!

I hope this helps someone!

 Peace + Blessings


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